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Nicholas Trott Long Since graduating from Columbia University Law School in 1972, Mr. Long has spent the bulk of his career solving legal and management problems for educational institutions and other public and non-profit organizations. He focuses his practice on conducting legal audits and is the author of the book Strategic Legal Planning: The College and University Legal Audit published by College Legal Information, Inc. (www.collegelegal.com; 615-383-3332). He provides consulting services to institutions throughout the United States. Contact Mr. Long at nicholas@ntlong.com
Michelle Ricci specializes in multimedia development and interactive design. Ms. Ricci possesses degrees in mathematics and computer science and has years of experience designing software products that improve the way people process information. Recent assignments include developing software for the Rhode Island General Assembly, Butler Hospital (Providence, RI), Brown University Medical School, and Bell Atlantic. Contact Ms. Ricci at michelle@ntlong.com